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Business Systems Implementation

Success Factors: it’s not just based on the technology!

System implementation can often prove extraordinarily challenging to both information technology professionals as well as the organisations being impacted by the implementation. When an implementation is successful, it can secure immense rewards in organisational strengths and efficiency. On the other hand, a delayed or failed implementation can drain an organisation of everything: its people, funds and vitality.
Subsequently, many people have been left perplexed - sometimes scared - over the reasons for the success or failure of their system implementation.
At Ergo, we cover all facets of System change such as:
  • Creating an Impact Map: including Training Needs Analysis, Evaluation Options and research for Innovative Strategic Solutions.
  • Instructional Design and Course Development
  • Redesign and mapping of Work Processes 
  • Preparing the Management Team
  • Organising and running Learning Courses
  • Organisational Support, Skills Transference and Application Support
  • Implementing Measured Evaluation
Are you concerned about a future implementation not going to plan and the potential impact this could have on your organisation's success?  If so, contact us today to find out more about how our Training Consultancy and Support services can help.