Learning Solutions and Instructional Design

We do this by:
  • Consulting with your business to solve instructional problems and applying current research on learning and innovative teaching practices that support student-centered learning.
  • Offering business development courses and workshops that teach their staff to optimise the use of technology to meet instructional goals.
  • Working with all business departments to develop targeted tailored programs.
  • Supporting the design and optimum use of your learning and training environment.
At Ergo, we work with a range of different instructional design methods.  Among those we utilise are: ADDIE, SAM, AGILE, Rapid Prototype and Waterfall.
We also use a variety of taxonomies and evaluation models such as Anderson/Blooms, SOLO and Kirkpatrick.

To accomplish the above, we foster a spirit of collaboration, service, and outreach with our customers. 

It becomes our mission to promote learners' success!

Ergo designs, develops and teaches effective face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses that provide relevant learning experiences to motivate and engage students.

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