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Paola Marshall

Paola is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and dynamic person. Paola graduated from University College London in Geophysics and still feels she will always remain a scientist at heart! However, whilst studying, she worked in a small travel agency and "got hooked" by the travel industry! 

The next step from the small travel agency became a Sales and Marketing role with Flightline International. This position allowed Paola to learn and become more confident with all areas of Sales and Marketing and the broader travel industry. Among her best achievements, Paola attained important commercial agreements with some industry renowned airlines for Flightline's airshop at Gatwick airport which was a huge financial success for the company.


In 1998 Paola joined a wholly owned British Airways training division with Chameleon Training and started a new career in training.


In 2003, after British Airways closed Chameleon Training, Sandra and Paola launched ‘Plane Training; the company has grown exponentially in reputation, experience and qualifications since then with the help of their amazing team! In 2013 the duo launched Ergo Training; Ergo has allowed Paola, Sandra and the team to develop new skills and broaden everyone's horizons in a variety of different training and development arenas;


Paola enjoys managing the team and joining in with developing and teaching new training programs.


As well as a BSc with Honours, Paola holds a CET Level 4 - certificate in education and training.